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Camp Little Windows was born when we both realized that the increased national awareness and interest in traditional singing did not seem to have an outlet which allowed for small, personally oriented vocal classes. Our classes are intimate and catered to your individual needs, and create a space where you can receive direct, ears on attention.

Mark and Julee offer a wide variety of camps and workshops to fit your personal needs. Because of the small limited enrollment, we like to form fit the workshops around your interests. Below is a list of courses and workshops which Mark and Julee have taught at previous camps and which may be added to or changed according to expressed interest.

Traditional Irish Song
Harmony and Duet Singing
Appalachian Song
Unaccompanied Ballad Singing
Song Accompaniment and Arrangement
Honky-Tonk/Country Singing Styles

Finding your Voice and Making a Song your Own
Making a CD
The Emotional and Spiritual Wealth of Traditional Music
Increasing your Traditional Repertoire
Vocal Care
Singing with the Bodhrán
Singing with the Fiddle
Singing with the Banjo



plays guitar, old-time banjo, fiddle, bass, and piano, but is best known for his truly soulful vocal talent. He is a stunning singer and quite an up and coming songwriter who is well known in the traditional music community. He has also recently released a book of his collected poems and drawings (1987- 2006). Mark's poetry and art bring a certain depth and creativity to his song. Coming from Alabama, Mark became enchanted with the grit and reality of roots music when he started to play guitar. Dabbling initially in Celtic, Folk, and Bluegrass, he soon found his heart's desire in the infectious rhythms and lovely melodies of Appalachian string band music. In 1999, Mark moved to Durham, North Carolina in order to get closer to the music he loves. He is a professional musician who currently performs with Little Windows, The Stillhouse Bottom Band (one of the finest Old-Time bands in N.C.), and the Cave Dwellers (a great band of traditional country and honky-tonk originals).
He has worked and performed with Alice Gerrard, Carl Jones, and Tony Ellis. Mark has an incredible ability to create a lyric, wrap a melody around it, and phrase it like no other. He is also one of the finest male traditional ballad singers in America. Joe Newberry of the North Carolina Arts Council writes, "Mark Weems combines a beautiful, unmistakable voice with a talent for phrasing unlike anyone singing country music today. He has really done his homework by finding the great old songs, and his original numbers look to be the great old songs of the future."


a native of North Carolina, studied literature and music at Wake Forest University, before following her longstanding interest in Irish culture to work with the poor in Dublin. Her meaningful experiences with the people of Ireland led her to a keener interest in the culture and in particular to their traditional music. For nearly seven years, she continued her work in Dublin while sitting at the feet of master players and singers and absorbing everything. She credits the combination of material from the Traditional Music Archive, from older singers, and her experiences in working with poor and working people in Dublin, as her major inspirations to her ballad singing. She has performed with Pete Sutherland, Dáithí Sproule, Brian Conway, and Jerry O'Sullivan among others. She is in great demand as a teacher and has been on the staff of the Irish Arts Week in the Catskills of New York, the Alaska Fiddle Camp, the Schloss Mittersill Arts Conference in Austria, the Swannanoa Gathering at Warren Wilson College in N.C and various camps and festivals throughout the U.S. for the past years. Aidan O'Hara of Irish Music Magazine says, "Julee Glaub's relaxed, thoughtful and at times contemplative delivery, is in sharp contrast to the tremendous energy and dynamism she has applied to the study of song on both sides of the Atlantic, and her long apprenticeship in mastering styles and knowledge of the songs she sings. We're all the better for hearing her, and she joins that select group about whom I say, that if I were a song, I'd want Julee Glaub to sing me."


Together, as Little Windows, they perform and teach workshops nationally and internationally. They have developed their own cultural enrichment school programs and enjoy teaching all ages and passing on the torch of traditional song. Their first CD together, Just Beyond Me, was recently submitted for a Grammy in the traditional folk category.

Camp Little Windows Options:

1) Camp Little Windows Week - Early each September, when the weather is just right, Little Windows offers a full 6 day long vocal week. It takes place at the stunningly beautiful 'Hart's Retreat', an incredible mountaintop chalet overlooking the northern valley of Independence, Virginia. Enrollment is limited to 20 people.

Costs -

$450 tuition

$75 board (food)

$200 room (dormitory style) ** private accommodation options include: making your own local hotel arrangements, or camping on the grounds.

2) Little Window Weekends - These mini-camps were developed for folks who wanted to attend our camp but could not take off a whole week or travel long distances. If you would like to sponsor a Camp Little Windows in your area, can find or offer a suitable location, and can help us gather attendees, we will be happy to come to you! We also have one-day workshops which can be catered to individual response and needs. Prices vary according to location and facility.

3) Collaboration - We also work closely with the Prizery, a multi-program cultural arts center in southern Virginia to organize various musical projects which include weekend long camps and/or workshops for adults and children. www.prizery.com

Quotes from former Camp attendees:

"The private instruction time was very person centered, which was very much appreciated."

"I liked the small intimate settings of living room, chapel, or gardens."

"You are both terrific teachers, partly because you're fabulous musicians, but even more so because you want to share that with others. That shows, and can't help but endear you to those with whom you come in contact."

"Julee and Mark were very supportive but also seemed to know what we all needed to have addressed."

"Beautiful setting, wonderful hospitality, great classes and just the right amount of scheduled events."

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